Natural meadow hay 17kg

Packaging: 17kg +/-0,5kg

For storage outside, can be packed in white plastic bag.

Natural meadow hay contains a wide range of meadow plants.

Moisture, %

max 15

Bales size:

64 x 32 x 21 cm


17 kg +/- 0,5 kg

Fibre length:

ab 20-30 cm

Truckload in sleeves (2 sides open): ab 24mt; 54 pieces / pallet, ab 920kg, pallet size 120 x 100 x 255 cm.

Truckload in plastic bags (18kg): ab 24mt; 50 pieces / pallet, ab 900kg, pallet size 120 x 100 x 250 cm.

40"HC containerload: ab 24mt

    Available also ORGANIC haylage.