Quality of haylage

Haylage is manufactured in accordance with the HACCP quality management principles. We control the growing and production processes to provide a high quality product that is good for your horse.

Cultivation and harvesting.
The seeds we sow are well selected non-GMO varieties. Our grass is a natural product, grown on farms of Latvia.   The growing of the grass is supervised throughout the year by our specialist.

When the grass has reached the needed phase of vegetation, we cut it and dry on the field by moisture level 20-35%. Afterwards, we wrapp it, which allows the grass to get fermented to produce a highly nutritious and palatable feed.

Haylage preparation

Haylage preparation2

Safety and tracebility.

Our staff team is trained on HACCP principles to be able to implement the principles in the production processes.  Product safety and tracebility are important aspects of our production.  Our quality system allows to trace products from field where the grass has been cultivated to the customer who receives final product.


All haylage is quality checked and leaves our factory fully sealed. When haylage is wrapped it goes through a fermentation process and is packed in small bales. If you expose the haylage to air after this process, it will oxidise and eventually mould. Once opened, it should be used within 2-3 days.